forged grinding steel ball

What the skew rolling mill advantage

What the skew rolling mill advantage: 1. Hot skew forged grinding ball has high hardness: surface hardness to 58-65HRC, volume hardness of 57-64HRC 2. Impact toughness high: impact toughness more than 12J-35J / cm2. 3. Broken rate is low: the actual broken rate is not higher than 0.5%
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SCD80S skew rolling mill production line

SCD80S steel ball rolling mill exported to Mexico and installed

The SCD80S skew rolling mill is finished installation, and next we will debug all the equipment of the line. The product range of SCD80S steel ball skew rolling mill is 2″(50.8mm),2.5″(63.5mm),3″ (76.2mm)grinding steel ball. Suchuang machinery equipment manufacturing
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hot rolled steel grinding ball

Forged grinding media balls Applications Area

Mine  ( Ball Milling for Mining )  Forged grinding balls for use in mineral processing ball milling operations are designed for maximum abrasion resistance using high strength and high hardness levels. The ore grinding media  usually includes steel grinding balls and steel grinding ro
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skew rolling mill

30mm grinding steel balls’ productivity can reach 510 balls/min

Recently, we have signed a contract with Russian customer. One full line of D60S skew rolling mill,which can produce 30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm steel balls, expecially 30mm steel balls. The producitivity of 30mm steel balls is 510 balls/min. This is a new technical process. The process is on
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We have 4 customers visiting in recent one month

Because of the environmental pollution all over the world, enen worse in China. The casting steel ball processing is not accept by some countries’ goverment, waste energy and cause environmental pollution, and its efficiency is very low, and heavy working strength. more and more
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Technology of Hot Rolled Steel Ball by Skew Rolling Mill

Ball diameter range Φ15-150mm. Rolling ball milling is used in a variety of chemical composition billets rolled round bars,its diameter is equal to the nominal diameter of the ball. The main production process of hot rolling steel ball as follows: 1. After the round bar examination, b
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skew rolling machine

Several factors of making sure the quality of grinding balls

Suchuang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd(  Email:  The steel ball or steel grinding ball are a material grinding media of ball mill and coal mill. It functions as an important component of ball mill under grinding and cutting effect bro
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skew rolling machine

Advantages of Forging

Suchuang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd( Email: (1) Forging can eliminate casting pattern loose and other defects, during the smelting process; improve microstructure; have higher mechanical properties than casting steel ball, for savi
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skew rolling machine

Three factors of Choosing forging grinding balls(skew rolling machine)

  As the forging steel ball is used more and more widely, so how to choose the appropriate forging steel ball?What kind of factory is appropriate?There are three main factors, respectively quality, price and after-sales, the following specification about them. Quality, it is one
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