skew rolling mill

what is skew rolling mill

Introduce skew rolling mill

Skew rolling mill also called skew rolling machine,hot rolled steel ball production line,is a new technology to produce the steel ball or steel cylpeb . The steel ball and steel cylped are wildly used in  mine, electric power plant,Cement plant,chemical other industries ETC.

SCD80S skew rolling mill production line

SCD80S skew rolling mill production line

skew rolling machine

skew rolling machine

grinding steel cylpeb

grinding steel cylpeb

Skew rolling mill produce range

Skew rolling mill can produce steel ball  diameter from 15 mm to 150 mm .

Advantage of skew rolling mill

1. Forged grinding ball has high hardness: surface hardness to 58-65HRC, volume hardness of 57-64HRC

2. Impact toughness high: impact toughness more than 12J-35J / cm2.

3. Broken rate is low: the actual broken rate is not higher than 0.5%.

4. Loss of forged grinding ball round rate is low.

5. Dropping test in 8m high tester for more than 20,000 times.

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