SCD40 skew rolling mill

SCD20,SCD30,SCD40,SCD50  Skew rolling mill for steel ball is used to produce metal balls which used in the area mine, has the feature of high efficiency and low cost.

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SCD40 skew rolling mill

SCD40 skew rolling mill







Performance indexes of SCD20 ~ SCD50 hot rolled steel ball skew rolling mill line

* Select product specifications according to clients’ requirements

S/NModelSpecifications (mm)Capacity (balls / min)


Main functions

Control the frequency and speed of the main motor to meet the needs of different specifications and different capacities;

Control the frequency and speed of the conveying chain transmission to adjust the quenching temperature of grinding steel ball;

Control the frequency and speed of the spiral quenching groove transmission to adjust after-quenching temperature(outlet water) of grinding steel ball;

Tempering with thermal insulation barrels;

There are manual type and electric type of adjusting rollers and guide plate for clients’ option;

Automatic fast backward function of the roller is optional for clients.