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Comparation between casting ball and skew rolling ball

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The disadvantage of the casting ball production manufacturing technique:
1、The essence of the casting ball is pig iron, After adding a large amounts of chromium element (13-28%), achieving the requirement of the grinding ball
2、The casting ball is organization loose, coarse grain, Wear-resisting performance is relatively poor, Impact toughness is poor
3、High energy consumption, pollution, the labor intensity of workers, low labor productivity.
4、High cost of raw materials,High wage costs, expecially diameter under F50mm casting ball, Its cost is higher.
Relative to the ball,Hot skew rolling steel ball is a new kind of rolling technology, It is the grinding steel ball manufacturing technology breakthrough, It gradually replaces casting ball,The features of the hot skew rolling steel bal is as following:
1、Hot skew rolling steel ball has all advantages of steel, Becoming high quality grinding steel ball after heat treatment.
2、Efficient production,large production,skew rolling steel ball production mechanization,high degree of automation, No manual operation of production.
3、Stable quality,hardness and hardenability good,metallographic structure densification, Grain size small, Wear-resisting performance is good, Its abrasion is half of the casting ball,Impact toughness is as high as 12-35J/cm2 , Broken rate is less than 0.1%
4、Low energy consumption, non-pollution, The intensity of labor is low, The production cost is low, in the long term,Casting ball will inevitably be replaced by skew rolling steel ball.