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Several factors of making sure the quality of grinding balls

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The steel ball or steel grinding ball are a material grinding media of ball mill and coal mill. It functions as an important component of ball mill under grinding and cutting effect brought by the friction between grinding balls or grinding ball and materials. It has an important position in national economy like mineral processing,power station and cement plant.
Suchuang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of skew rolling mill in China.Priorities of our steel balls produced by skew rolling mill: High hardness, good wear resistance, breakage rate lower than 0.5%, no deformation all through. Our modern quality assurance center could guarantee all our products meeting customers’ need.Therefore,about how to make sure the quality of grinding balls,we can give some suggestions.

The top quality from the grinding steel balls of ball mill influence is not just its productivity, but the ball consumption, as a result influence the price from the grinding media. The primary standard of your variety of steel balls is that the productivity of ball mill should really be higher as well as the value, the grinding media should be minimal due to the fact only large productivity and lower cost of grinding media can deliver large economic rewards.

When deciding on grinding steel balls, their density and hardness are two factors that cannot be ignored.

1. the density of steel balls on ore grinding:

Generally speaking, about the issue in the similar dimension.The bigger the density on the steel balls, the increased the productivity of ball mills might be.

2. the hardness of steel balls on ore grinding: 

Commonly speaking,the boost of hardness.If your steel balls never break, the unit consumption of steel balls will reduce,if your dimension of the steel balls is small,the energy that ball mills absorb for transformation, the power is going to be utilized for crushing the ore particles, so raising the productivity of the grinding mill is important. And,in order to the enhance of the hardness,the steel balls ought to be appropriate with the ball mill and the materials.

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