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Advantages of Forging

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(1) Forging can eliminate casting pattern loose and other defects, during the smelting process; improve microstructure; have higher mechanical properties than casting steel ball, for saving the complete metal streamline. Important components with heavy load, under hard working conditions, are forging pieces usually.
(2) Forged steel ball is made of the finished round steel, so its larger density reduces its breakage rate and increases ore processing of ball mill, to achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption. Meanwhile, forged steel ball can reduce impacting to lining board to reduce investment.
(3) In addition, forging steel ball must select the best wear-resisting materials, such as 60Mn, 65Mn and other good wear resistant alloy steel materials self-researched and self-developed by some companies.
(4) Moreover, forging steel ball is popular for its cheap price, economy and durability. For example, international mining giants-Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, AngloGold, etc, use forged steel ball usually.
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