skew rolling mill

Hot rolled grinding steel ball advantage

With the development of wet ball mill, advantage of forged grinding steel ball(made by skew rolling mill) is more and more obvious. Compared with casting steel ball, forging grinding steel ball has all the advantages of steel. After heat treatment, it becomes high quality milling ball. Wuxi Suchuang Machinery is a professtional manufacturer of hot rolled steel ball skew rolling mill, which reduce the production cost and improves the production efficiency. The ball mill can be divided into dry ball mill and wet ball mill according to the material’ wet and dry.

Dry ball mill has been widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing and the glass ceramic production industry. In 1950s, about 70% are dry ball mill in foreign countries. With the progress of technology, as well as to the energy saving and environmental protection have become increasingly demanding, wet ball mill is developing rapidly, which now accounts for more than 75% of the total of ball mill,including mining,power station etc

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Suchuang machinery is the China professional skew rolling mill(skew rolling machine,hot rolled steel ball production line)manufacturer.We can supply whole designs of hot rolled steel ball production line, including the factory layout design, water cooler, electric design, machine sets, etc. Hot skew rolled steel ball is a latest grinding steel ball rolling technology, it is the technical breakthrough of ball milling manufacturing process, and it is replacement of casting steel ball gradually.