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Main processes of hot rolling grinding balls as follows

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Main processes of hot rolling grinding balls as follows:
1.the raw material of rolling ball is round bar with all kind of chemicals; the diameter is same as the nominal diameter of the steel ball.
2.round bar is heated in the modern continuous furnace.
3.the heating bar sent to the rolling mill, and go ahead between two screw rolls. Then steel ball will be rolled on the two rolls. One rolling mill can roll 60-360 pcs/min
4. heat treatment—The process of grinding ball heat treatment to the required hardness takes place in the modern furnace, in junction with large-capacity quenching vessel.
5. finished steel ball with precise dimensions, good geometric shape, good wear resistance and mechanical properties.

Suchuang machinery is the China professional skew rolling mill(skew rolling machine,hot rolled steel ball production line)manufacturer.We can supply whole designs of hot rolled steel ball production line, including the factory layout design, water cooler, electric design, machine sets, etc. Hot skew rolled steel ball is a latest grinding steel ball rolling technology, it is the technical breakthrough of ball milling manufacturing process, and it is replacement of casting steel ball gradually.