Introduction of some mineral processing equipment for Iron ore reported by wear-resistant steel ball factory supplier

Wear-resistant steel ball factory not only provide wear-resistant steel ball price, ball rolling and forging ball but also often introduce mineral processing equipment for Iron ore. It includes iron ore crushing equipment, wet cleaning equipment, dry separation equipment, grinding equipment, high-frequency screen and filtration equipment. The following are the brief introduction on the part of the equipment. According to the strength of the magnetic field, mineral processing equipment can be divided into strong magnetic and weak magnetic dry separator. Strong magnetic dry separator can reduce the run tail, but cannot improve the grade. Weak magnetic dry separator can effectively improve the grade; it will increase the amount of running tail. grinding balls In some areas, Iron ore beneficiation factories coarse and dry non- fully broken ore, the result is a lot of running tail and the loss of resources is very serious. A strong magnetic dry separation of low taste, large size, and increases the work load of the ball mill, also caused a lot of useless grinding operation. The process design of the iron ore field needs to be improved a certain process. Ball mill is the main iron ore grinding equipment generally. In the iron ore grinding process, grinding design has two sections; there are also designs of single stage grinding. Two sections or single stage depends mainly on the Characteristics of iron ore. For the relatively low hardness smaller particle of iron ore, design principles can be used single ball mill. Conversely, the higher hardness, size large iron ore needs to process using two ball mill designs.
After enrichment dry separation machine, the taste of Iron ore has been increased to about 16%.Grinding Ball After the grinding mill, we using the iron ore wet cleaning equipment further improve the iron enrichment. We can also remove impurity magnetic powder. As the ball after some iron ore size still not meet the requirements, we also need to use high frequency sieve for screening. We will repeat processing material not meet the size requirements after which go to the ball mill. Iron ore wet cleaning device can be just first level, second level third level configuration principle, in order to obtain the maximum lifting and lowering run taste and tail loss.
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