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Beneficiation ball manufacturers’ introduction: overview of Iron ore beneficiation process and the main process technology

China’s domestic tastes of magnetite ore are low, mostly around 10%, grinding balls while the market for iron concentrate tastes must reach about 65%. So it is necessary to adopt the necessary processing equipment, processing the low-grade iron ore to high grade iron concentrate.
The technology of iron ore beneficiation process can be divided into dry selected section and wet selected section. Many iron ore processing plant usually separate dry selected section and wet selected section, someone set the dry selected section and wet selected section together. Whatever the method, the goal is to achieve maximum efficiency.
The difference of iron ores’ physical properties is big, among which is mainly the hardness difference is extremely obvious. So it should use special wear-resistant steel ball produced by skew rolling mill( to maximize the efficiency of mineral processing. No matter what type of low grade magnetite, we should use crushing , crushed iron ore with low grade to a certain granularity range, then use the dry separation equipment, primary processing. In general, the smaller of low grade iron ore crushing particle size, the higher separation efficiency of dry separation machine, the longer and higher of the taste after rough processing. We use 10% magnetite as an example, usually in the crushing size reached 5mm, can be upgraded to 17% by dry taste.Grinding Ball Development If the particle size is about 10mm, dry taste will drop to around 15%. On the other hand, up to 3mm or even 1mm, dry taste will be higher. However, taking into account the cost control and the economy of the crushing equipment, we recommend suitable granularity control in 5~10mm. There are many types of iron ore crushing equipment, so it is an important technology process to select reasonable crushing technology and equipment.
The study of a large amount of data shows that the increase of forged steel ball and other kinds of grinding medium loading capacity cannot improve grinding efficiency. The study found that the most appropriate loading of grinding body should be 95% of the rated load of ball mill steel ball.

To strengthen the cement mill ventilation and sealing system, reducing air leakage proper ventilation, you can discharge the mill in the cement powder, reduce crushing, and discharged water vapor, reduce the ball. In addition, the ball mill is connected with lifting machine, powder selecting machine and other production equipment to improve the sealing, lock the wind effect. Reduce grinding temperature grinding system, strengthen the cooling grinding system with high temperature, part of gypsum dehydration effect of cement quality, processing equipment increase the fine powder electrostatic adsorption for ball mill, ball grinding paste increased, the phenomenon is serious, therefore, you should pay attention to the surface cooling system. You should also do regular clearance and timely relief. In the mineral processing production process, grinding and classification is a very important stage.
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