hot rolled steel grinding ball

Forged grinding media balls Applications Area

Mine  ( Ball Milling for Mining

Forged grinding balls for use in mineral processing ball milling operations are designed for maximum abrasion resistance using high strength and high hardness levels. The ore grinding media  usually includes steel grinding balls and steel grinding rod. Its quality is the decisive factor affecting the operating cost of the mineral processing plant .We can supply different forged steel grinding balls in line with different mines and diversified needs of the mineral processing plant. we can offer you the wear resistant forged grinding balls with the diameter ranging from 20 mm to 150 mm to fit for gold ore, silver ore.copper ore, iron ore,etc. Those products get extensive promotion and application in actual mining industry , and help the customers again remarkable economic benefits by saving a lot of procurement cost and largely boosting the production output. we are capable of providing the most appropriate steel grinding balls for customers.

Cement Plant /Electric Power Plant (  Ball Milling for Industrial Applications )

Suchuang machinery manufactures forged grinding balls machine for use in industrial applications such as power and cement.  The balls are manufactured from alloy steel bars and then forged into balls. Balls for use in industrial ball milling operations are designed for maximum abrasion resistance with lower hardness levels than those used in typical mineral processing applications. The power consumption and steel consumption of the ball grinding mill occupy a rather high cost ratio in the production and processing process of a cement plant, The hardness, breakage rate and the corrosion resistance of the steel grinding balls affect the production cost and efficiency of the ball grinding mill. we are capable of providing full range of products,in comparison with the similar products , our products enjoy much higher overall performance  price ratio, Moreover, we can fully consider the working condition and the actual requirements of the users to impact force and corrosion resistance to offer you the most appropriate premium steel grinding balls with high hardness, high strength, low wear and strong corrosion resistance for the users.  If you require any grinding steel ball , please feel free to contact with us !

The forged steel grinding balls and steel rods are also ideal grinding medium for ball mill and rod mills which are regularly used in aluminum, coal, and phosphorus chemical industries . In addition , they are also found in many other industries , for instance, our forged steel grinding balls are also widely used in large mines , thermal power plants, cement plants, and more. our steel grinding rods are additionally suitable for cement plant, power plant ,mining industry , quartz sand plant, silica sand plant, sand aerated industry, gas concrete factories, etc..