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Maintain Proper Working Conditions Can Reduce the Loss of Steel Ball Mill

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Before selection the minerals must to be first to the crushing and grinding processing, on one hand, make useful mineral and gangue mineral separation; on the other hand, as a result of the election methods have requirements for particle size, after crushing and grinding process the ore can make the particle size to choose the demand, so as to realize the effective separation.
In the working process of the steel ball mill, crushing the ore size on material, at the same time as the material hardness, ball itself will also be worn. In addition, between the steel ball and the steel ball, steel ball and lining board will wear and wear between the steel ball and the ore more. So, it is very necessary to reduce loss of ball mill ball.
There are many aspects in mill steel ball loss, such as ball size, ball movement, the ball ratio and so on; select the appropriate parameters can greatly reduce the steel ball wear. Generally in accordance with the actual work experience, a grinding the ore size, so in the grinding barrel internal to the impact force, should increase the ball size; Selection of Grinding Ball the two section grinding granularity is fine, and should be based on the grinding force mineral, should as far as possible to reduce the size of steel balls. Furthermore, ball charge also has some influence on the steel ball wear, when other conditions are fixed, ball loading rate increases in a certain range, can improve the grinding efficiency, when the ball rate reached 50%, the grinding effect is the best. In actual production, ball loading rate is below 50%, to control the ball rate to a certain extent, also can improve the grinding efficiency, and reduce the steel ball wear. In addition, the steel ball wear is also affected by the mill speed, increased gradually with the mill speed, ball movement by fall to drop, when the rotation speed is constant, the useful power reaches the maximum, then the mill speed increase, will make the steel ball centrifugal movement, not to the grinding effect.
Through the above analysis, premising to the grinding parameters on the ball and reduce loss must consider various factors, and on a regular basis mill overhaul according to the ball mill operation rules; maintenance, avoiding the fault in the work process will influence the normal operation of the plant and causing economic losses.