skew rolling mill

We have 4 customers visiting in recent one month

skew rolling machine

Because of the environmental pollution all over the world, enen worse in China. The casting steel ball processing is not accept by some countries’ goverment, waste energy and cause environmental pollution, and its efficiency is very low, and heavy working strength. more and more industries of steel balls are intend to adopt the skew rolling mill processing to produce grinding steel ball. high efficiency, low energy consumption, eco-friendly, automatic production.
In recent one month, We have 4 customer visiting for the skew rolling mill production line project, They are from USA, Mexico, Iran and India.
We believe that there will be more and more grinding steel ball industries to build the skew rolling machine prodcution line in not long future.

Suchuang machinery is the China professional skew rolling mill(skew rolling machine,hot rolled steel ball production line)manufacturer.We can supply whole designs of hot rolled steel ball production line, including the factory layout design, water cooler, electric design, machine sets, etc. Hot skew rolled steel ball is a latest grinding steel ball rolling technology, it is the technical breakthrough of ball milling manufacturing process, and it is replacement of casting steel ball gradually.