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The advantages of bearing steel skew rolling technology

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Compared with the usual molding process of casting, forging, machining, bearing steel skew rolling technology has the following advantages:

1、Single machine production efficiency is high, Roller every rotation is to produce a steel ball, Roller speed caculating at 500 r/min, 500 steel ball can be made every minute, Its production efficiency is 5-20 times higher than forging and machining.

2、High material utilization. Bearing steel ball machining after forging, Its material utilization is 60%, The material utilization of skew rolling steel ball is 80%, precision skew rolling steel ball can achieve above 90%.

3、Steel ball quality is high, The metal fibre streamline of skew rolling bearing steel ball is along the products axis keeping continuous, grain refinement after skew rolling.

4、Improved working conditions. Comparing with forging, No impact noise, Dramatically improve the working conditions. The form, finishing and  cut-off of bearing steel ball are auto-completed in the roller pass. In and out of the material adopts automatical operation, Reduce the labor intensity of operators greatly. 

5、Lower production costs. Production personnel, auxiliary personnel, Equipment sets and plant area etc can be greatly reduced, Cost of production sharp fall.

     The above advantages in the domestic and foreign related rolling forming in the production of products are confirmed, The outstanding advantages of skew rolling forming and social production requirements for environmental protection, energy saving and efficiency improvement will make the bearing steel ball skew rolling technology widely used.