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Reasons of the grinding steel ball aging(by skew rolling machine)

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Ball is widely used in machine, but also aging rapidly, so we know the ball in the course of the causes of aging to improve the life of the ball is also helpful.
Four major causes of ball aging:
1 Cutting and gouging wear. The relative sliding motion in the cylinder of ball mill ball in the rising phase and material, by the group of hard material in cutting groove deep, cutting softer materials on the ball of the relatively shallow, at a certain angle contact materials, materials to produce local gouging wear of the grinding ball, the formation of drilling hole
2 Deformation wear. Cement ball mill and the material relative sliding and mutual impact, in addition to cutting and gouging withstand wear, as well as deformation and chisel plowing deformation incidental, metal is pushed into the grooves and pits oppressed outside edge of the repeat function and metal repeated deformation under strain due to fatigue cracks, crack propagation, connected to form a plow thinning tablets from the ball off the surface.
3 Brittle flaking. Ball mill in the impact process, brittle phase cracking, crushing, peeling from the surface, all of them cause wear.
4 Fatigue wear. Cement mill grinding in the mill up phase by repeated movement of the sliding and rolling, by repeated impact on dropping the phase. The constant impact stress, contact pressure, under the action of shear stress, fatigue cracks in the surface of the ball, Grinding Rod crack parallel to the surface of the expansion, extending to the surface layer formed flaking. Such as the surface of the extension will cause casting defects macroscopic fatigue spalling.
Knowing the above reasons, the ball can avoid as much as possible to enhance the life of the ball.
How to make the diameter of steel ball steel ball processing unified in the process? I will tell you about the secrets of the:。
To control the steel ball diameter, first step we need to control the size of cold heading. Each cutting or upsetting ball diameter size is required to have order. But in the cold heading steel ball after light grinding, hard grinding transfer step, because not every ball are subject to the same rotation and the same rotating force generated at every step, so the ball circulation will have all kinds of problems. Surface scratches, size is not consistent. Thus, the steel ball identification is an important link.
After the summary of experience and innovative technology for several years of production steel ball, Dingsheng steel production has developed advanced machine.

This new classification machine received four national patents. In the selection of other precision, efficiency and mechanical automation performance have made innovations. Steel ball were selected at each step, the unqualified (large or small) screening out the ball, to ensure the unity of the ball diameter. The size of the strict control of ball cannot do Hot rolling steel balls without the ball classification machine function. And its own R & D and production of steel ball machine, precision control in the 0.001mm, the machine can make the unqualified ball out, so that ensure a more finished steel ball steel ball factory production quality.

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