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The key factors of performance of grinding steel ball

The key factor of grinding steel ball’s lifespan decided by its manufacturing process. if there is existing flaw inside or surface of steel ball. for example shrinkage cavity, crack, transgranular etc. It not only can reduce the performance of steel ball, Even will cause the steel ball broken. So, we must formulate the reasonable forging, casting and heat treatment process during steel ball producing.
For example high-chromium cast-iron ball should adopt vertical casting and rational use of cold iron, Strictly control the pouring temperature and other measures, This can make the ball in casting solidification sequence and feeding conditions, The internal organization of density is obtained, And weakened the phenomenon of coarse grains, The heat treatment of steel ball decide its realization of its mechanical properties and the distribution of the carbide morphology.
Due to the steel ball of the ingredients contain a certain amount of chromium and other alloying elements,  So how to give full play to come out the role of the alloy elements to form carbide hard spots, It is a factor to formulate heat treatment process.


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