Technology of Hot Rolled Steel Ball by Skew Rolling Mill

Ball diameter range Φ15-150mm.
Rolling ball milling is used in a variety of chemical composition billets rolled round bars,its diameter is equal to the nominal diameter of the ball.
The main production process of hot rolling steel ball as follows:
1. After the round bar examination, by length cut into steel ball billet.
2. The steel billet heated to a suitable temperature in a continuous heating furnace before rolling.
3.After the red-hot state steel billet feeding into the ball mill,forward rotation in between special spiral grooved rollers, and is continuously rolled into a ball . Each steel skew ball mill can roll 60-360 steel balls per minute.
4.The red hot ball rolled into special designed online heating treatment furnace for quenching – tempering heat treatment, so can get high uniform hardness ball.
5.After inspection steel balls sent to the finished goods warehouse,after packaging then sent to customers.
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