Ball Mill Effects in Mineral Processing

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In wear-resistant steel ball grinding, in the condition of the same grinding fineness, grain size more coarse, the ball mill production ability is lower; Feed particle is smaller, it has a higher production capacity. But one thing should be paid attention to: when asked coarser grinding ball mill productivity vary with feed particle size range is more obvious, and require a finer grinding, grinding mill productivity vary with feed particle size is not too prominent.
Ore, on the influence of the ball mill production according to the size and the ore dressing plant in nature, it should be find out that the most suitable ball mill for ore particle size. When demand increased grinding machine production capacity, it reduces the grinding particle size in a certain range, which is an effective measure. But note that after reducing mill feed size, it should reduce the grinding medium size. Accordingly, otherwise not receive also increase productivity effect. Compact structure, tiny crystals and hardness of the ore is difficult to grind. Such ore in the process of grinding, grinding time is longer, to ensure that meet the requirements of grinding fineness, but in general mainly impact the mill processing capacity. And hardness small haircut or solution of ore easy grinding, grinding machine in the processing capacity of unit volume is high. Ore hardness is immutable factors. In production, regarding to the larger ore hardness, it should be through the experiment to find out the most appropriate row ore concentration and operation conditions, such as sand return amount.
Ore mill installation after the completion of no-load test under no-load commissioning without feeding, it must meet the following requirements: the electric interlocking system commissioning, according to start the program, its start and stop all conform to the requirements of the electric interlocking system design; All fasteners shall be solid and reliable, and no loose phenomenon; The flywheel rotation stability; Bearing temperature rise of less than 300 c. Bearing lubrication is normal and no oil leakage phenomenon.