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Increase Prospecting Bring Opportunities for Grinding Ball Development

The continue increase of China prospecting efforts has made great achievements and also bring new development opportunities for the China grinding ball development.
Lead and zinc, tungsten and tin, silver mineral resources create a new field in prospecting. Zinc: in the Yangtze periphery, Nyainqentanglha, southwest of Henan, Southwest Tianshan Mountains, and north of Sanjiang southwest of lead-zinc ore are making a major new discovery, new resource of 83.55 million tons. Tungsten and tin: Hunan new discovery BAILASHUI, Xida, Xinjiang Baigan lake and Gansu Xiaoliugou, a large number of above new tungsten and tin, tungsten resources 1.06 million tons, 2.64 million tons of tin resources to further consolidate the dominant position in the world of Chinese tungsten Tin Mineral resources. Precious metal: Qinghai Dachang, Liaoning Qingchengzi, Zhulazaga periphery of Inner Mongolia, Hainan Baolun gold mine and other areas, and Western Sichuan silver mine, Southwest Henan area survey and evaluation has made important progress, the new gold resources is 1830 tons, silver resource of 85165 tons, which significantly improved the degree of protection of precious metal resources in China.
The initial formation of Middle Tibetan copper base reservoir, Northwest Yunnan of nonferrous metals resources base, East Tianshan non-ferrous metal resources base, Lop Nor potash resource base, north of leachable sandstone type uranium deposit base, Awulaletie iron resource base, Wulagen lead and zinc resource base, Nyainqentanglha nonferrous metal base, Qimantage non-ferrous metal base, Dachang gold resource base ten new resource base.
Our main metallogenic belt in eastern part of the “attack deep deposit” work achieved a major breakthrough in prospecting, north of the old iron and steel base, middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River Iron and copper base, Nanling tungsten and tin resource base, Qinling Mountains lead zinc silver resource base, Wuyi lead zinc silver resource base and a number of the old resource base has been further strengthened.

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